This weekend was full of small frustrations

This weekend was full of small frustrations, but I learned some good lessons and added to my understanding of blogging tools substantially.

The first conclusion -- after a string of tests that kept me at the keyboard until well past midnight last night -- is that Radio was a great choice in terms of "power" features at a symbolic price, but totally unworkable for someone who wants to access the blog from any computer with an Internet hookup.

Radio resides on your "main" machine, and you have to return to it if you want to post. "Remote" posting by e-mail is theoretical. All your posts sit in the e-mail account waiting for you to return to the "main" machine, fire up Radio, and let it download the haul and publish it on the blog. What happens if you're in Greenland for the weekend? Or for the month?

I must admit my move from Blogger/Blog*Spot to Radio was rather impulsive... but, at least, that gave me a chance to analyze things in greater detail and "see the light..." (until next night).

Radio will thus be terminated soon. One of Sphaera's priorities is to report in detail on the upcoming trial of the 17 November bloody terrorists. The trial begins on March 3, only a week from tomorrow. Therefore, the migration has to be swift and send Sphaera to a stable, flexible platform.

The weekend was thus consumed almost exclusively in comparing blog tools and hosting alternatives. The next step (hurrah!) is to power Sphaera, under its own domain name, with Pmachine and host it on Pmachine Hosting.

So, onward Sphaera soldiers, and glory is ours...!!!

PS: But I'll miss Radio's news aggregator...

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