Anti Paxos and Its Renowned Beaches - Greece

Just south of Paxos, connected by a 2-kilometer channel, is the smaller and scarcely populated Anti Paxos, which can be described accurately as a little slice of paradise.

Instead of people, it seems like there are more vineyards, fruit orchards, wild flowers and olive groves on this tiny island, which is only slightly more than 5 square kilometers in size. Anti Paxos has become the place where inhabitants from Paxos build their summer homes. Perhaps, it is the serenity, the isolation and the beautiful landscape of Anti Paxos that attracted them.

Nevertheless, this Greek isle is also famous for two attractions, which are the beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi, considered to be some of the best in the country mainly because of their water's mesmerizing colors. On their shallow parts, the gorgeous aquamarine hue dazzles your eyes. And on their deeper end, the crisp indigo color comes out to play with the sun.

You can find the sandy beach of Vrikia on the northern tip of the island. It is a perfect beach for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. If you want to grab a bite after a whole day of fun in Vrikia, you can select one of the two tavernas on the beach. Here, you can try out some of the local dishes, and complement your dining with the Anti Paxos wine. And if you get the chance to taste this special wine, grab it! Anti Paxos wine is produced in the local vineyards on the island and is rarely sold in other parts of Greece.

Compared to Vrikia, Voutoumi Beach looks initially pebbly, but when you go below the water, your feet will be welcomed by its soft sand. This sandy stretch also has two tavernas. The first is located just on the beach, and the second, which is called Bella Vista Taverna, is nestled above it. Although you need to climb 200 steps to reach Bella, it is well worth it as it offers, arguably, the most incredible panorama of Paxos. There are of course, other less accessible beaches and hidden coves around the island that is waiting to be explored. You can reach them either by hiking designated pathways or taking a hired boat.

Walking around the small island Anti Paxos is real treat. While doing so, you will get the chance to enjoy its scenic spots like the small harbor of Agrapidia, which provides easy access to boats bringing in people and supplies. You will also have the chance to wander around fruit orchards and charming villages especially Vigla.

Most of the people that visit this small island are day trippers. From the town of Gaios, you can get a taxi boat to take you all the way to Anti Paxos. This boat service runs every hour and the journey takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The ride is a great experience in itself as you will cruising through the wonderful ocean scenery - a combination of clear turquoise sea, and the towering rock formations. You may even get to cruise around the narrow straits between Mongonisi and Kalkionisi, isles. Although Gaios may be the most popular departure spot to Anti Paxos, there are also taxi boats that run from the towns of Loggos, Lakka and Mongonisi. TRANSFORMING THE WAY WE TRAVEL

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